PyroLife Member's Favorite Mascot

Friendly, Adventurous and Loves Tummy Rubs

Meet Malakai, the friendly Siberian Husky and beloved companion of Dr. Rami, one of the best holisitic chiropractors based in Tigard, Oregon. At 7 years old, Malakai is a mature and gentle soul with a fluffy coat and bright, inquisitive eyes that reflect his keen intelligence. Known for his warm and welcoming demeanor, he spends his days at Dr. Rami's office, where he's become an integral part of the team.

Malakai's favorite pastime is greeting both new and long-term members as they visit the clinic. His calm and soothing presence often brings a sense of comfort and joy to everyone he meets, making the office a much brighter place. With a wagging tail and a friendly bark, Malakai is more than just a pet; he's a furry member of the Tigard community, spreading smiles and offering a furry head to pat during those waiting times.

In his free time, Malakai enjoys long walks in the Oregon parks, occasionally howling at the moon, and playing in the snow during winter months. Loyal, loving, and always up for a cuddle, Malakai isn't just a dog; he's a true friend and an essential part of Dr. Rami's life.

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